Service Level Agreement

Turn Wireless provides business class high speed Internet services under the below service level agreement to ensure reliability, availability and performance to our customers. The following applies to all Turn Wireless Internet Services.

Technical Support
Turn Wireless provides 24 x 7 network support with proactive monitoring techniques to ensure visibility and responsiveness to our customer needs. All technical or customer support issues are handled through our customer support center where each request is tracked via a ticket number and responded to accordingly.  To contact customer  support please call 805.620.3100.

Installation and Hardware
As part of Turn Wireless Internet services equipment installation may be required. In this event the customer may be required to obtain any necessary authorization or clearance for such installation. All equipment provided as part of our standard installation is owned and operated by Turn Wireless and provided to our customers free of charge for the duration of the service term agreement. For all Turn Wireless equipment the customer is responsible for both surge protection and UPS in order to ensure proper operating state. All customers must agree to allow Turn Wireless access to all Turn Wireless equipment in addition all necessary entry for installation and removal. Turn Wireless will maintain responsibility for all equipment and service from our network to and from any Turn Wireless installed service device. Any equipment or service beyond that point will be the responsibility of the customer.

Network Performance
All network performance measurements and testing will be performed on the Turn Wireless network from the customer  subscriber device to our core. This does not include testing outside our network. All Internet and transport services are guaranteed to have less than 50ms round trip network latency on the Turn Wireless Core network. In addition we also guarantee packet loss of less then 1% through the Turn Wireless Core Network.

Network Uptime
Turn Wireless provides 99.99% uptime with credit for loss of connectivity to all customers. Credits to customers will only be paid for the service month affected. Continual loss of connectivity over a 30 day time frame constitutes a unserviceable customer in which the customer is not responsible for any payment of service for that month.  Response and resolution to connectivity problems are measured from the time a customer service ticket has been opened. Once the problem is reported and a ticket opened the customer may request credit if connectivity is not restored within the parameters below:

  • less than 2 hours: customer receives 5% of monthly recurring charges
  • less than 4 hours: customer receives 10% off monthly recurring charges
  • less than 6 hours: customer receives 20% off monthly recurring charges
  • less than 10 hours: customer receives 25% off monthly recurring charges

An additional 5% off the monthly recurring charge will accrue every 4 hours until proper connectivity is restored. Customer credits for loss for connectivity will not exceed 100% of the customers total monthly recurring charges. All credits are paid only for the monthly of service in which connectivity was affected.