At the rate technology is moving there are still many challenges in extending fast Internet connections to small residential areas and rural communities.  Many homeowners, ranches and residential parks are unable to get Internet service and when available it may not meet their needs for reliability and speed.

By utilizing our wireless technology we are able to reach areas that other providers can’t which allows us to provide fast and affordable options that are changing the game for everyone.


Enjoy popular streaming services without delays or buffering

Online Gaming

Online Gamers benefit from our low packet loss and latency for optimal performance

Home Based Business

The bandwidth you need to run your home based business and stay in contact with your customers.  “We care about your business and we care about your business.” 

Online Classes

Get your degree and pursue learning with a connection that fits the performance requirements of on-line classes and collaboration.

The lack of high speed Internet makes it harder to get work done; find jobs and leaves students at a disadvantage in access to knowledge.  We are passionate about leveling the playing field and providing affordable, high speed internet service.

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