What is fixed wireless broadband technology? 
Fixed wireless broadband is high speed Internet in which connections use radio signals rather than cables. This is done with transmission towers and broadcast locations that communicate with our customers service location. We require line of sight in order to establish a connection which means unobstructed vision to one of our broadcast locations.

Does the service run over the cellular network?
No. We are not a cell phone provider nor do our services run over the cellular/mobile phone network.

Is this satellite service? 
No. This is not satellite service and unlike satellite systems that communicate in outer space we use fixed wireless technology in which we communicate to the nearest ground broadcast location in your area.

Do I need to use my phone line?
No. Unlike DSL we do not require the use of a phone line or the telephone company. This is what allows us to offer dynamic and flexible service with cost savings to all our customers.

Are there any data caps or limits on the service?
No. Unlimited data, with no traffic blocking or filtering.

Do I need a router or modem to get service?
No, but router/firewall recommended. Your are not required to use a modem or router and in fact, you could plug our connection directly into your computer or laptop. This being the case however, we do recommend some type of router or firewall for Internet security and multi-user access.

Do I have to buy any equipment?
No. You are not required to buy any equipment we provide the service unit including antenna. However, we do recommend some type of firewall or switch for multiple user access and security.

How long does the installation take?
Once you are on the schedule it usually takes about 4 hours to complete not barring any unforeseen circumstances. Business installations may vary.

What type of guarantee do I have on my service?
Our customer guarantee is based on the Turn Wireless Service Level Agreement. This SLA is used to ensure fairness and service levels to all our customers with 24 x 7 monitoring and customer support. This agreement allows customers to have peace of mind in knowing that we pride ourselves on guaranteed up-time, availability and problem resolution. We stand by our network and if you’re not happy we’re not happy.