Join the ranks of small, medium and large businesses who are choosing to Turn Wireless as an alternative to their current Internet service.  Rapid deployment, creative solutions and flexible terms are key to our high customer satisfaction.

With the growth of cloud computing, offsite backup, content delivery and collaboration, businesses reliance on the Internet is increasing at a rapid rate.  Internet access alternatives are critical to business continuity and profitability.

  • Internet Speeds up to 200Mbps
  • Primary or Backup Internet Service
  • Event, job site and temporary services
  • Flexible terms and fast installation
  • 24X7 customer support

For existing or remote office deployment, telecommuters and new business locations alike we deliver cost effective, high speed internet access.

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Backup / Failover Protection

With more daily communications, faster transactions and hosted applications relying on the Internet, businesses fear the possibility of downtime. Since our services do not rely on the same local infrastructure that other providers count on, typical carrier outages don’t impact our network in the same way.

  • Business Continuity and increased uptime
  • Internet backup and true redundancy
  • Disaster recovery, emergency services and critical applications

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The best solution—and the one that can help you achieve 100% mission-critical up time is Turn Wireless. We are your Internet Insurance Policy.


Film and TV Production and Location Service

We understand that rapid delivery and uptime are critical to the entertainment industry.  Turn Wireless has deep experience in providing robust solutions to studios, filming locations and special events in Southern California.  We can also provide consultative service, procurement and on-site management services for events and shoots nationwide.

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Special Event Service

No matter the size of gathering or meeting location, Turn Wireless can deliver high-speed Internet for events including extra services such as video, voice and WI-FI hotspot for press and analyst blogging. In fact, providing temporary, short-term Internet has become one of our specialties. All you have to do is tell us where and when you need the service. And we’ll do the rest.

Enjoy Internet for events that includes hassle-free setup and tear-down and guaranteed 24/7 network monitoring.

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Private Network Solutions

When looking to connect buildings, offices and campus networks, wireless has become a great option. By leveraging the scalability and advancements of wireless technology, many businesses find that building their own network proves cost effective, empowering and even profitable. Below are the types of companies that use our expertise to help build and maintain their own private wireless networks.

  • Businesses with multiple offices
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Educational Institutions
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Government Agencies

The movement of information and extending services is vital to the growth and flexibility of any operation. Whether Internet traffic or private data, choosing a different option instead of leasing phone lines or fiber makes both dollars and sense.

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